The Filk Music Club of New England

The Mad Scientist's Songbook

The Mad Scientist's Songbook is the first published collection of filk songs by M.A.S.S. F.I.L.C. member Gary McGath. The collection includes subversive, silly, and science-fictional songs which he's written and includes printed music for those with original tunes, as well as for some of the others (published with permission or the music is in the public domain).

The songbook includes the following songs:

Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • The Mad Scientist's Love Song *
  • Pinocchio (A Rebuttal)
  • Song of the Martians
  • Another Earth *
  • Banned from Arlo
  • Samurai Moggy *
  • Elf Trap
  • Not Just Wishful Thinking
  • Incompatible *
  • Toy Ranger *
  • The Coven Song *
Songs of Freedom
  • Smoke Rising Over Waco *
  • A Song of Sedition *
  • Night of Halloween *
  • The Proud City
  • Sunrise in the East
  • Technophobe's Waltz *
  • Secret Identity *
  • The Alternate World Temperance Union *
  • The Torch and the Pyre *
  • Sue the Dinosaur *
  • Vampire of the Soul *
  • I Want to Be William Clinton
Berton Braley Settings
  • The Thinker *
  • A Gothamite in Camelot *
  • A Fable for Poets *
  • Adventurers of Science *
Songs for Fun
  • Books
  • Axe of Destruction
  • Pearl Jammers
  • Return of the Filk
  • Shrink Wrap Blues *
  • The Hyper Hilton
  • Old-Time Illuminati
  • Bouncing the Filkers
  • Small Kitty Cat *
  • Don't Push Those Buttons
  • Temptation of Repose
  • The Massachusetts Tangle

* printed music included

Warning: Gary insists he is not responsible for guitarists damaging their fingers trying to play the chords in the book. (They're easy on a keyboard!)

The Mad Scientist's Songbook can be ordered from filk dealers or directly from M.A.S.S. F.I.L.C.

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These are links to pages of the writers of the songs that are parodied in the book.

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Julia Ecklar: Temper of Revenge (Temptation of Repose)
Leslie Fish: The Palace (The Proud City)
Kathy Mar: Velveteen (Pinocchio: A Rebuttal)
Tom Smith: I Want to Be Peter Lorre (I Want to Be William Clinton); Return of the King, Uh-Huh (Return of the Filk)

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