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ConCertino 2003 Guests



Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
Guests of Honor


Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff are filkers from Nevada City, California, who until now have only been as far East as Columbus, Ohio. Maya is a respected science fiction and fantasy author with a huge vocal range, who does most of the singing. She's equally adept at singing parodies or their more “serious”original songs. Jeff is an accomplished guitar player, song writer, producer and sound engineer. Between them they write some of the best parodies and original material around. They have recorded 2 CDs: Retro Rocket Science (2001) —a collection of wicked parodies of classic rock songs, and Manhattan Sleeps (2002) —showcasing original songs. When not working in his studio, Jeff can usually be found at cons loitering around filk circles late at night. ConCertino will be their first East coast filk con.


Erica Neely


Erica is originally from Virginia, but discovered filk in England eight years ago; things have never been the same since. She is actually rather shy — although the multitudes of people whose laps she’s sat on in the name of Interfilk might not realize it — and is really far more cheerful than her songs would have you think. But what do you expect from someone who named her CD Not Everybody Dies (2001)?


Ed Stauff

Ed is a multi-talented musician and arranger. Among the instruments he plays are the pipe organ, piano, recorder, banjo, guitar, saxophone and hammered dulcimer (he even made a harpsichord from scratch.). His arrangements have been performed and recorded by various musicians and he has directed a variety of singing groups through the years. His solo piano CD, Champlain Summer, was released in 2002. Ed and his wife, Mary Ellen Wessels, perform as the Hopeful Romantics.


Priscilla Olson
Listener Guest


Priscilla is an active Boston area fan who enjoys filk when she has the time. She has been the President of NESFA and a member of MCFI. She's been involved with many conventions as either a Department Head or Chair. She chaired Boskone 38 in 2001 and is currently Head of Programming of Noreascon 4.


Ellen Kushner
Writer Guest


Ellen is widely known as the host of Sound and Spirit on public radio. She has done programs on a variety of subjects, including The Lord of the Rings. She is also an award-winning Fantasy author and public speaker. Her books include Swordspoint: A Melodrama of Manners (1987), Thomas the Rhymer (1991) and The Fall of Kings (2002).


Rika Körte
Interfilk Guest

  Rika is a German filker currently living in England. She can be found wherever music is, be it at a Ceilidh, a medieval reenactment or in live role-playing. Rika sings with her voice but also with her heart. She does not always sing alone. Her talent is for harmony, be it in life on in song. Rika’s first instrument is the guitar; she also plays drums and harp.




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