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ConCertino 2003 Policies



The rules for this convention are basically common sense. People are expected to act in a civilized way and not interfere with other people’s reasonable activities, privacy, or property without their consent.


Children under the age of 7 years attending ConCertino must always be “In Tow” — in line of sight of their parent/guardian, or of another adult who has explicitly accepted responsibility for them — while in convention facilities. This policy exists so that if a problem arises (behavioral, medical, or other) it’s clear who has primary responsibility. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.


Due to incidents at past conventions, we are forced to announce that exceptionally unruly individuals may, at the discretion of the convention staff, have their memberships revoked and be denied further access to convention facilities. In the case of children-in-tow, this will take the form of revoking the membership of the responsible parent/guardian. We sincerely hope that no filk con will ever be forced to actually exercise this policy!

  There are no costuming or weapons events, so there are no weapons rules as such. You should, however, be aware that Massachusetts has draconian weapons laws, including a mandatory year in jail for gun violations. We can’t give you any protection in this regard. Using a guitar in the “El Kabong” manner will also be frowned upon.

Consuming liquor isn’t permitted in public places, e.g., the hotel lobby. Please be discreet about bringing in outside liquor.

Smoking isn’t permitted in the function or dealers’ rooms, or in the con suite. After all, we’re here to sing! For smokers, there is plenty of open space around the hotel which is worth enjoying.

You may tape performances unless the performer requests otherwise, provided you are unobtrusive. This means: Don’t stick a microphone in the performer’s face. Don’t ask performers to accommodate your recording needs. It helps to remove the crinkly plastic from new tapes in advance. If the performer asks not to be recorded, then don’t. Don’t shush people who are singing along; your right to record is on no higher a level than their right to sing along (and the performer has the right to veto both). If you run cords, be careful not to leave them where they might cause a tripping hazard; long cords should be taped down.

By the same token, when you’re performing you may ask not to be recorded; even the official con recording will be suspended if you really don’t want your performance recorded.

Any recordings which you make are for your personal use only, and may not be duplicated for commercial distribution without the permission of the performer and the copyright owner.

And the most important rule: Have a good time.




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