The Filk Music Club of New England

March 4, 2017, Cambridge: A special meeting to invite newcomers! If you're curious about filk, or you've been to a filksing and want more, please drop in on our open meeting! (All our meetings are open, but especially this one.) Cornerstone Cohousing, 175 Harvey St., Cambridge, Mass. It's within walking distance of Alewife Station. No RSVP needed; just drop in any time after 2 PM. We'll be in the Common Room.

MASSFILC is a club dedicated to the singing and promoting of filk music -- the folk music of science fiction fandom. We hold monthly meetings, with lots of singing and good conversation, which anyone may attend. We sell songbooks and T-shirts. If you want to keep in touch with New England filkers and learn about our upcoming events, you can subscribe to one of our mailing lists.

We now have an online Filk Book Index, with items still being added.

The Boston Phoenix has a good article on filk, featuring MASSFILC and Boskone.