The Filk Music Club of New England

Boston area science fiction conventions

There are a number of science fiction conventions in the Boston area. Two of them, Boskone and Arisia, have organized filk programs.

Arisia takes place in mid-January. The convention has traditionally had a strong late night open filk. Usually there is a programming track of filk related panels and concerts.

Boskone takes place in mid-February. Since the mid-nineties the convention has had a "featured filker," in addition to the traditional author and artist guests of honor. In addition to a concert by the featured filker, there are usually other filk concerts. There are also panel discussions on filk related-topics and the convention also has the traditional late night filksing.

Here is a partial list of other science fiction conventions within a day's drive of Boston that generally have filk programs: Lunacon in Rye Brook, New York (March); I-Con in Stony Brook, New York (March); Albacon in upstate New York; Balticon in Baltimore, Maryland (May); Pi-Con in western Massachusetts; and Philcon, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (November or December).

For information about other science fiction conventions check out this list of Northeast Science Fiction Conventions, or the SF-Lovers Convention Listings.

For information about conventions that are all filk, check Interfilk's list of Filk Conventions.

Lee Gold offers ideas on running filk at a con.