The Filk Music Club of New England

What we do

MASSFILC has been active since the early nineties, holding filksings, running conventions, and encouraging filk activity among fans.

We hold monthly meetings, usually in members' homes, to sing and generally have a good time.

We sell our own songbooks and T-shirts. You can order then from us or from various filk dealers.

On nine occasions, MASSFILC has hosted ConCertino, the Massachusetts edition of the roving northeast filk convention. The festival rotates, under the name of NEFilk, among the Boston, New York, and Baltimore-Washington areas. The conventions include concerts, workshops, jam sessions, and singing all day and late into the night.

We assist area science fiction conventions and folk music clubs in setting up filk activities, including workshops, song circles, and concerts. When asked, we advise them on selecting featured performers.

We work with other regional filk organizations to help them host music conventions and other activities.

Other information

MASSFILC has created a fan fund to help pay the expenses of music-related guests at filk conventions and other conventions that the host convention does not fully cover. Currently (December 2018) the fund has about $200.00. No use has been made of this fund so far. If you would like to recommend a guest or proposed guest that MASSFILC should help out, please contact one of the officers or raise the issue at a business meeting.

There is an unofficial Facebook group for MASSFILC-related discussions.

This site hosts a filk book index, which lists the contents of over 200 filk songbooks.

Lois Mangan was one of MASSFILC's most active members and filk recruiters before we sadly lost her in 2008. We've kept a memorial page for her.

Here's a history of some early filk cons.