The Filk Music Club of New England

Mailing lists

MASSFILC has two public electronic mailing lists:

If you subscribe to the Filkers list, you'll also get all the messages sent to the Announcement list, so there's no need to subscribe to both lists.

Only subscribers are allowed to post to the Filkers list without moderator approval, and moderation of the Announcements list is very strict, so our lists are effectively spam-free. The volume on the Announcements and Minutes list is extremely low (just a handful of posts a month), and the volume on the Filkers list is usually low. You can subscribe to the lists in digest format, so that you get messages grouped together in a daily mailing (unless there are no messages for that day) rather than receiving them one at a time as they are posted.

Because of the members-only feature, you have to post to the Discussion list from the same address that you subscribed from. You can subscribe from more than one account, and then choose "No email" on the "Edit my membership" page for all but one of these.

Join the Filkers mailing list, post a message, view the archives, or change your subscription(s).
Join the Announcements mailing list, post a message, view the archives, or change your subscription(s).

When you sign up, you will be sent an email message to confirm that the request came from you. You must reply to this message to activate your subscription. We strongly request that you provide your full name when subscribing so we have some idea with whom we are dealing. E-mail "handles" often give no clues, and unless you come to meetings regularly, we may not know you.

There is a password associated with your subscription, which you can set or have Mailman assign for you. You can use this password on the web interface. The interface lets you change your subscription options or e-mail address, unsubscribe, view the archives, and for the Filkers list, view the list of subscribers. If you forget your password, you can request that it be e-mailed to you.

Privacy Statement

MASSFILC will not give anyone else email addresses and full names used to subscribe to the Announcement list or Google groups, unless compelled by a court order, which we expect never to happen, or our server is broken into, which hasn't happened yet.

List archives are available, but only to people subscribed to the lists. The hosted Filkers list membership is visible to list members, so by default anyone can see your identity on the list. You can choose to conceal your address. Posting to the list will send your address to everyone on the list and put it into the archive.

We can't guarantee the security of the archives, since there are many subscribers. We've taken all reasonable precautions, but we recommend that you not post anything to the list that could land you in bad trouble.